"Preparing Dinosaurs for Mass Extinction" by Rena Su

$10.00 CAD

"your ashes have been reassembled into your descendants.
[…]the birds lift your blood 
while taking flight"

Some people bury their grief; Rena Su excavates hers, digging up bone after bone to assemble the skeletons of the dead. In "Preparing Dinosaurs for Mass Extinction," Su explores death as an extinction event that buries the living as well as the dead.  Read as Su digs herself out, examining the monuments we create to the dead, observing how memories turn to sand with their bodies, and sending fruitless warnings back through time.

Rena Su is a writer from Vancouver(ish) and writes a little too frequently about dinosaurs, cyborgs, and offbeat pop culture references. Her work has been recognized by the Pulitzer Centre, The Poetry Society of UK, the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, among others. When not writing, Rena enjoys coding impractical things, watching documentaries, and playing the ukulele. She thanks you for stumbling across the vast expanses of the literary world and landing on her debut chapbook.

You can find her on Instagram and Twitter @RenaSuWrites.