"Undead Juliet at the Museum" by Amy LeBlanc

$10.00 CAD

"First we deprive the host of lilac
And turmeric until her antibodies
Dwindle and shrink"

A body at war is a beautiful terrible thing, a body at war with itself even more so. Both grotesque and picturesque, Amy LeBlanc’s "Undead Juliet at the Museum" laces together the weight of isolation, a healthy skepticism of “miracle cures”, and portraits of the “monstrous” women who have come before into a folkloric rendering of one woman’s journey with chronic illness. The delicate bodies of LeBlanc’s poems leave the reader with an ache in their ribs and a taste for the sublime.

Amy LeBlanc is the Managing Editor at filling Station magazine. Amy’s debut poetry collection, "I know something you don’t know" (Gordon Hill Press 2020) was long listed for the 2021 ReLit Award and was selected as a finalist for the Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry. Her novella, "Unlocking," was published by the University of Calgary Press in June 2021. Her work has appeared in Room, CV2, PRISM International, and the Literary Review of Canada among others. Amy is a recipient of the 2020 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award and has been a finalist for an Alberta Magazine Publishers’ Association showcase award for poetry. "Undead Juliet at the Museum" is her third chapbook.

You can find her on Instagram and Twitter @amylia_leblanc and on her website https://amyjleblanc.com.